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Love Unfiltered Why You Should Send Your Crush Unflattering.

I recently turned 24 and I have never been in a real relationship.

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I am in love with my best friend, with whom I have had a very interesting and painful 4 year friendship. I do not have a pretty face, though I would not it ugly. He told me that even though I have a good personality, I am not physiy attractive enough for him to ever be with me.

Love Unfiltered Why You Should Send Your <strong>Crush</strong> Unflattering.

Can a B Girl Date a Hot Guy? - Plus Size Princess

He took my virginity at the age of 21, and he is one of 2.5 guys I have slept with; he is the only one I have hooked up with more than a couple times. Mainly, I am too fat, my hips are too b and my face is just not attractive.

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His Take “Why Do Guys Rebound With Girls Who Are a Step Down?”

He has cheated on two different girl friends with me, and he tells me he loves me but he has always been very clear that he will never be in a relationship with me. After a lot of beginning, he finally gave me list of everything that is physiy and mentally wrong with me. I have felt the same way about my appearance for a long time; and while I am doing everything I can to lose weht, it just doesn't seem to work.Ugly girl dating site The Community

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